Changing the World

Hello Everyone. Everyone is celebrating or making nothing into something on FB (social media). Starting June 2014, I declare it be officially Celebrate All Artist inventor, doctor, etc., etc., from both past and present (Black History Month) month from Chicago. Social Media is our biggest outlet into reaching people worldwide. Let’s show the world it’s more to what the media is always portraying the young black youth in chicago to be violent and destruction. I like most of my peers believe in our youth and know that they can all be successful in one form or another. Let us take the lead on this one and communicate in a way that our youth will connect with. Everyone is required to post for 30 days straight an Artist Hip-Hop, R&B Singer, Rock, Painter, Drawer, TV Host, Director, Actor, Producer, Entrepreneur, Organization, etc., etc. Let’s turn this negative into a positive.


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