My grandfather said to me always make the best of your opportunities. Today I’m going to try to do just that. My name is Marcus Jones. I’m a Host-Producer of EVERYONE HAS A STORY and self published author of autobiography EVERYONE HAS A STORY…THIS IS MINE. My autobiography is solely about me and my talk show is about everyone in the community being productive and positive. I wrote my autobiography EVERYONE HAS A STORY…THIS IS MINE, for several reasons. One, my children. I wanted to let them know that no matter where you come from or disability you have you still can be successful in this world. Secondly, I want to share my experiences and knowledge with the youth, to inspire them to stay in school and to change the way they think about the street life so they can better themselves in their lives. Thirdly, I want to accomplish something in my life. I learned many things in my life before my injury, but I have learned MUCH more since my injury. I lOVE TELLING MY STORY!

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  1. Hi!! I see that you are working with the Chicago Public Library. I am interested in networking and recently started the organization, SPEAK WRITE where we will be at Carter G Woodson Library this Saturday for panel discussions and workshops with other Chicagoland authors (10 1st panel and 12 for the second panel). Would love to see you there.

    • I would love to come but unfortunately have prior engagement. Now that you are connected with me on WordPress you can update me on events I could attend and be a part of.

      Thank you
      Marcus Jones

  2. Love this short blog. Makes me want to hear and learn more.

  3. Marcus — We met last month on a flight from Chicago to New Orleans as you were traveling to compete with your wheelchair baseball team. I enjoyed our conversation and told you I would read your book. I’ve just finished it and wanted to congratulate you. You’ve worked hard to turn your life around, to seek to help others in your community and to tell your story that others might benefit. Good for you! I hope that you continue to make strides year after year both in your personal development as well as your professional goals. May God bless you with many years of blessing ahead. For my story, go to whereigofromhere.net.

    P.S. Hope your team won!

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